The blinded sight. (Part 2)

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When we like something from within, be it a color, be it a song, be it some smell, be it anything or anyone! Even if we don’t find it attractive, we still love it! It’s everywhere around us, it’s in our dreams, our passions, our creativity and liveliness! Something’s cannot be seen, they are not meant to be seen, but to be partially seen and fully felt.How things are presented physically are not what they really are.Dig a little deeper , even within yourself.

For this extraordinary level of sight, we must open up. Open our eyes, our minds, our lungs and body. Breathe in all you can, gather all you can, replicate, add to the energy. We can see and experience a lot, use your full sized aortic pumps. Life’s so big to feel and embrace, so big to comprehend in one go, so big to feel it all at once, so big to see at one sight! When you really start seeing AND feeling at the same time, your experience comes to a whole new level !

Something’s that can’t be seen exist. Not everything has a label, a description, a word to express, but an expression that is undefined.

This is life, it’s not a chapter,  it’s even bigger than an encyclopedia! Even if things go invisible, you will never lose your sight! Even in darkness, you will never loose your sight, because your sight isn’t what you see. Keep your head high, heart warm and smile at its best.Rest is already at it’s best!

Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!

Photography and write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



The blinded sight. ( Part 1 )

We see the world through our eyes. Most of our observations, assumptions and interpretations are based on the things we see. Sometimes, when things are dizzy, unclear and confusing we focus our sight and try to reconfirm things we just saw. We open our eyes a little bigger, open up our minds a little bigger and we obtain something that’s a little bigger than the picture. This in my opinion is still incomplete sight. There are two types of things in this world; Real and virtual. Sometimes what we see is not real and what we can’t see is real.When we talk about something that we see, we only refer to the term of sight through eyes, but what about the rest? How does our brain interpret it? How do we think about it? How do we FEEL about it? The term is single; the meaning; a lot deeper.

Ever thought of people who don’t have eyes? Do they really have the inability to not see? Can they really not enjoy life? Are they underprivileged? No. 
Our eyes have one inability and that’s not able to see. Not able to see things that are not physically present, not able to see things that are not there at the moment of time, something that doesn’t fall in the short spectrum of sight. Our eyes are unable to FEEL. They’re unable to feel the love, the kindness, the care the concern. They’re also unable to feel the sadness, anger, envy. This is where the observations, the assumptions and interpretations fail.
Someone can be shy, they can be introverts, and they can be of the hiding kind! What can we infer from them? What about the fruits that are hidden inside the shells, the cocoon that will soon hatch into a butterfly? Our eyes can’t see what’s inside but our heart and gut knows what’s there.

Human beings have a way. They can talk to you, have different interactions. But is sight only limited to humans? When we see a dog , we see the loyalty, the love, the cuteness behind it’s innocent wag of tail and tongue slipping out! When we see a bird flying with open wings around us and singing, we can feel the positivity and happiness it’s trying to convey. When a cold breeze flushes our face with cold warmness, we can feel the energy; we can feel the Goosebumps on our body as a reply to it. 

To be continued..


Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!


Photography and write up courtesy: Prabhsharan Singh.