Unity in diversity.

Just a very short and easy term learned in school. But is it really what they say it is? Is it necessary we are bound to see the margins based on some irrelevant basis?

Humanity and humans. Two terms, quite difficult to differentiate. Yet as basic as it gets. Human is what we are, humanity is what we do, or rather should be doing. I’ve seen and met a lot of people. Not a lot, but yeah, a handful. Each and every one is unique in their own way.

Every person is a like a color. Some may be a different shade of the same color, some maybe a completely different color. It’s really amazing to see that each and everyone is so different and yet connected and united.

Everyone has their own taste, their own thinking, liking, experiences, inferences, sayings, actions and aesthetics. No two minds are the same. We must accept this and see it as a bunch of m&m’s rather than a packet of mentos. Everyone is so beautiful in their own way, and it’s who they are! One should never change what color they are, because that makes it harder for them to stand out in the same shade of the same color pack which wasn’t meant to happen.

Even after immense differences and similarities, we are connected throughout the world by no other means but humanity and love. It knows no language or religion or caste or color or background or origin, it knows human, it knows humanity.

Embrace the colorful world, the people, the flowers, the animals, the sky and your own identity. Be proud of what unique color you are, shine!

Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!

Photography andWrite up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



Energy and vibes. (Part 2)

Mass equals energy. Almost every quantity around us possesses mass and hence consists of energy. When the masses vibrate, they liberate energy. When the masses undergo changes, they vibrate. The natural frequency of vibration of everything around is fixed. Or is it?

When we are happy, we are energetic. When were sad we are dreary and lazy. The way our mind and body feels is how we vibrate. Happy and optimistic people are so powerful, that when they are around they can put a smile on faces who wouldn’t even want to move an inch. This is called vibes as short form of vibrations. The vibes from people and things tell us a lot since it’s the energy that they give out to the universe.  Never be negative. Never think or do wrong. Being optimistic and pessimistic is something of the contrary, so here’s where the biased balancing kicks in.

Not only people, but the whole nature is giving out such energy that cannot be accounted for. Ever noticed that a long nap won’t make you as refreshed as the strong monsoon wind would? The scent of plants, mud, etc. are so rejuvenating that it makes you forget everything and be in the moment.

When our natural frequency matches the frequency of the nature, it resonates. So, it produces maximum power. Hence, connect, match. Look up in the endless sky, it really feels endless and it is. Keep your eyes closed and get lost while the wind gives you Goosebumps and a hard time being able to stand while listening to the sound of music. This exact moment, so hard to catch, but so real to feel.

Be happy, smile. Be kind, do. Know? Guide. Just a little step out and realization would make you feel so much more energetic and powerful and happy, that everything seems to be in place because it is. Fly, as high as you can. Dream as extreme as you can. Be free, be real, be you.

Close your eyes ; but open them too . Calm your mind ; but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too!

Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.