Excitement, dullness. Happiness, sadness .Smile, frown. Activeness, laziness. Alive, dead. These are some emotions and portrayal of life which run on small basis of existence. Your existence doesn’t ensure that you’re alive. It’s rather the way you live. The way you feel. The way your body and mind execute actions that make your presence noticeable.

Everything runs on energy. We might not be able to see it, but we can definitely feel it. It runs in our body, in our mind, in the air, in water and in fire. Winds can scrap skyscrapers. Water can erode mountains. Fire can burn forests. We can do whatever we want. It’s all the energy present in and around us.

Energy transfers. It travels. It posses something that is unexplainable. It’s the building block of life. When used, when focused, when funneled and channeled correctly, it can do wonders. It’s also called potential. My peer students will probably know what I’m talking about now.  Energy is something that cannot be put into words or formulas, but can be partially seen and fully felt.

I personally don’t believe in the mythical world and superstition, but in science and logic, energy and vibes.


Gyan Mudra

When we join our hands with our palms facing each other or do the Gyan Mudra in which our thumb and index fingertips touch each other and rest of the fingers form a partial spiral, you can actually feel your mind and body connecting, you can feel the energy flowing in your body, you can feel the spark and some sort of edginess between the tips.




You can focus your energy, you can become so content and fearless and immensely powerful that you suddenly begin to feel that you can shake that building in front of you. You can do wonders. Yes, that’s true; we can do anything we want.

Do you suddenly begin to realize that we can absorb more, contain more and do more. It’s all around us . The little things which make us feel energetic and happy are actually adding energy to us. Isn’t your energy telling you to live more ?

Close your eyes ; but open them too . Calm your mind ; but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too!

Periodic updates scheduled every Friday evening by 2200 hours .  Tune in next Friday for Part 2 .

Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



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