I’d highly recommend you to read the previous part so you can get a better flow with the topic .  Here’s where to go : http://wp.me/p8EIRB-2a , or just rewind back on my page .

Ever thought about your own voice ? So yes , Sing ! Sing for yourself , sing for the moment , sing like nobody’s watching and everyone’s listening . Sing to enjoy , to remember , to embrace . So every morning when you open your eyes , you bring a smile and joy to your life !

Sometimes we learn , sometimes we understand , sometimes we gain , sometimes we loose . This all can also be funneled through the music of life . Even a dog wags his tail when you sweetly whistle at it . He / She understands the language of music and love and not that chosen by humans . I’d say every being loves to respond to kindness. Even though there might be a barrier between living beings , but one common language and understanding links and connects us all.

Did you ever feel so lost in music that you suddenly begin to hold a hypothetical guitar and play all the strings  like you’re Jon Bon Jovi ? So lost that you somehow start singing even louder than whats playing and you just don’t care how loud ? You better loose yourself in the music , because you own the moment !

Funny how a melody , sounds like a memory , like the Saturday evening  , like the joy and laughter of the other day ! There’s a reason why we have sense’S ! Only if we could really bring in ourselves into the time and enjoy whatever experience life has to offer , wouldn’t we be more alive ?

It’s that moment you really feel alive ! It’s that time you connect to the music of your life , connect to your surroundings , connect to yourself ! Ever tried enjoying by just being alive ? Yes, it really feels ecstatic and too good to be true , but it is ! After all isn’t life a roller coaster ride giving you chills up your spine ?

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



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