Ever been in the dilemma about what sound and music is ? What’s good music and what’s bad music ? Or ever got lost in the thought that what music really is ?Although it’s very straight forward , but do we really recognize and embrace it ?

It’s everywhere . From the morning breeze to the midnight mist . From the chirping of the birds to the fluttering of the leaves . From the sound of morning prayers in diverse languages , all at once to the peace and serenity offered by them . Even silence becomes music to the ears .

Every morning when my mother wakes me up in her sweet voice , to the times when she gets angry and scolds . Every time my family , my friends call me ; i feel the rush , the happiness , the joy ; after all we remember memories which are composed of beautiful sounds .

We can connect and draw out sketches of people as to how they speak , even a still portrait says a million different things . It reflects and affects . I feel that when the most sweetest and calm tone is combined with utter joy ,love and care ; results in the best conversation and connection. Spreading kindness , love and happiness comes at the cost of Rs.0.00/- . Be nice , smile , you never know how good or bad of a day they had , might help them smile ?

It’s also there in the music files that we listen to all day . The other track ┬áthat just came out and is popular isn’t going to help you feel the thump , the excitement , the joy , the rush , the energy that flows through your body giving you goosebumps, but it’s rather that old school song that reminds you of stuff , that seems relevant , that single track that makes you so much pumped up , full of joy , laughter , energy and a teardrop rolling through the eyelashes giving you the time of your life .

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

To be continued …

I will be dividing some write ups in parts because there’s so much to write about and I just can’t get enough of them in one go .

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


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