Ever looked back and thought how far have we come ? Not just in development’s perspective , but as a being ? Yes, every being does develop but still remains mostly the same through the core . Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 95 . So i ask myself , does age really matter as to who you are deep inside ?

I’m still a kid , logically as well from deep inside . I remember THE STUFF . The things we used to do when we were small . All those very simple yet enjoyable birthday parties with decorations on the wall and hats even on the eldest person’s head . The running and playing throughout the day , whenever , wherever . Sleeping , eating and then repeating this whenever in want . Eating dust off the walls and the chalks to playing with those plastic toys . I have these beautiful memories deeply engraved in me and i personally never want to let go of them .

There’s this beauty , this innocence ,  honesty , integrity , charisma , energy , kindness and so much more for which to explain i fall short of words . I still love it when i do the very same , get carefree , enjoy , laugh all day , smile , play , etc. and i still ask my parents for one of those remote controlled cars . I don’t think that loosing the child in you is worth anything .

I met this kid who is a communal rag picker , i smiled at him , just as i explained in my previous write up , he smiled back at me and walked towards me . I shook hands with him , sat down for a couple of moments . His name was Jumnam and was from a nearby slum to which they call as ” Basti wala ghar ” . He was very cute and innocent was merely 10 and as skinny as it gets . But he had the child in him alive even after working through the day  in this scotching  heat and miserable conditions , he was happy ! Joyful , smiling , laughing  .

I think that being young , being alive , having that kid in you , those moments , that energy , laughter and smile is all it takes to be happy , maybe ? Being a kid at heart is not to be mistaken with being immature , there’s a fine margin between these two things . All i ask is , can we be children again and live like there’s no tomorrow ?

Close your eyes , but open them too . Calm your mind , but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too !

Photography and write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


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