Energy and Vibes (Part 1)

Excitement, dullness. Happiness, sadness .Smile, frown. Activeness, laziness. Alive, dead. These are some emotions and portrayal of life which run on small basis of existence. Your existence doesn’t ensure that you’re alive. It’s rather the way you live. The way you feel. The way your body and mind execute actions that make your presence noticeable.

Everything runs on energy. We might not be able to see it, but we can definitely feel it. It runs in our body, in our mind, in the air, in water and in fire. Winds can scrap skyscrapers. Water can erode mountains. Fire can burn forests. We can do whatever we want. It’s all the energy present in and around us.

Energy transfers. It travels. It posses something that is unexplainable. It’s the building block of life. When used, when focused, when funneled and channeled correctly, it can do wonders. It’s also called potential. My peer students will probably know what I’m talking about now.  Energy is something that cannot be put into words or formulas, but can be partially seen and fully felt.

I personally don’t believe in the mythical world and superstition, but in science and logic, energy and vibes.


Gyan Mudra

When we join our hands with our palms facing each other or do the Gyan Mudra in which our thumb and index fingertips touch each other and rest of the fingers form a partial spiral, you can actually feel your mind and body connecting, you can feel the energy flowing in your body, you can feel the spark and some sort of edginess between the tips.




You can focus your energy, you can become so content and fearless and immensely powerful that you suddenly begin to feel that you can shake that building in front of you. You can do wonders. Yes, that’s true; we can do anything we want.

Do you suddenly begin to realize that we can absorb more, contain more and do more. It’s all around us . The little things which make us feel energetic and happy are actually adding energy to us. Isn’t your energy telling you to live more ?

Close your eyes ; but open them too . Calm your mind ; but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too!

Periodic updates scheduled every Friday evening by 2200 hours .  Tune in next Friday for Part 2 .

Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



The sound of music (Part 2 )

I’d highly recommend you to read the previous part so you can get a better flow with the topic .  Here’s where to go : , or just rewind back on my page .

Ever thought about your own voice ? So yes , Sing ! Sing for yourself , sing for the moment , sing like nobody’s watching and everyone’s listening . Sing to enjoy , to remember , to embrace . So every morning when you open your eyes , you bring a smile and joy to your life !

Sometimes we learn , sometimes we understand , sometimes we gain , sometimes we loose . This all can also be funneled through the music of life . Even a dog wags his tail when you sweetly whistle at it . He / She understands the language of music and love and not that chosen by humans . I’d say every being loves to respond to kindness. Even though there might be a barrier between living beings , but one common language and understanding links and connects us all.

Did you ever feel so lost in music that you suddenly begin to hold a hypothetical guitar and play all the strings  like you’re Jon Bon Jovi ? So lost that you somehow start singing even louder than whats playing and you just don’t care how loud ? You better loose yourself in the music , because you own the moment !

Funny how a melody , sounds like a memory , like the Saturday evening  , like the joy and laughter of the other day ! There’s a reason why we have sense’S ! Only if we could really bring in ourselves into the time and enjoy whatever experience life has to offer , wouldn’t we be more alive ?

It’s that moment you really feel alive ! It’s that time you connect to the music of your life , connect to your surroundings , connect to yourself ! Ever tried enjoying by just being alive ? Yes, it really feels ecstatic and too good to be true , but it is ! After all isn’t life a roller coaster ride giving you chills up your spine ?

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


The sound of music (Part 1 )

Ever been in the dilemma about what sound and music is ? What’s good music and what’s bad music ? Or ever got lost in the thought that what music really is ?Although it’s very straight forward , but do we really recognize and embrace it ?

It’s everywhere . From the morning breeze to the midnight mist . From the chirping of the birds to the fluttering of the leaves . From the sound of morning prayers in diverse languages , all at once to the peace and serenity offered by them . Even silence becomes music to the ears .

Every morning when my mother wakes me up in her sweet voice , to the times when she gets angry and scolds . Every time my family , my friends call me ; i feel the rush , the happiness , the joy ; after all we remember memories which are composed of beautiful sounds .

We can connect and draw out sketches of people as to how they speak , even a still portrait says a million different things . It reflects and affects . I feel that when the most sweetest and calm tone is combined with utter joy ,love and care ; results in the best conversation and connection. Spreading kindness , love and happiness comes at the cost of Rs.0.00/- . Be nice , smile , you never know how good or bad of a day they had , might help them smile ?

It’s also there in the music files that we listen to all day . The other track  that just came out and is popular isn’t going to help you feel the thump , the excitement , the joy , the rush , the energy that flows through your body giving you goosebumps, but it’s rather that old school song that reminds you of stuff , that seems relevant , that single track that makes you so much pumped up , full of joy , laughter , energy and a teardrop rolling through the eyelashes giving you the time of your life .

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

To be continued …

I will be dividing some write ups in parts because there’s so much to write about and I just can’t get enough of them in one go .

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.

Merry Childhood

Ever looked back and thought how far have we come ? Not just in development’s perspective , but as a being ? Yes, every being does develop but still remains mostly the same through the core . Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 95 . So i ask myself , does age really matter as to who you are deep inside ?

I’m still a kid , logically as well from deep inside . I remember THE STUFF . The things we used to do when we were small . All those very simple yet enjoyable birthday parties with decorations on the wall and hats even on the eldest person’s head . The running and playing throughout the day , whenever , wherever . Sleeping , eating and then repeating this whenever in want . Eating dust off the walls and the chalks to playing with those plastic toys . I have these beautiful memories deeply engraved in me and i personally never want to let go of them .

There’s this beauty , this innocence ,  honesty , integrity , charisma , energy , kindness and so much more for which to explain i fall short of words . I still love it when i do the very same , get carefree , enjoy , laugh all day , smile , play , etc. and i still ask my parents for one of those remote controlled cars . I don’t think that loosing the child in you is worth anything .

I met this kid who is a communal rag picker , i smiled at him , just as i explained in my previous write up , he smiled back at me and walked towards me . I shook hands with him , sat down for a couple of moments . His name was Jumnam and was from a nearby slum to which they call as ” Basti wala ghar ” . He was very cute and innocent was merely 10 and as skinny as it gets . But he had the child in him alive even after working through the day  in this scotching  heat and miserable conditions , he was happy ! Joyful , smiling , laughing  .

I think that being young , being alive , having that kid in you , those moments , that energy , laughter and smile is all it takes to be happy , maybe ? Being a kid at heart is not to be mistaken with being immature , there’s a fine margin between these two things . All i ask is , can we be children again and live like there’s no tomorrow ?

Close your eyes , but open them too . Calm your mind , but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too !

Photography and write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.