Smile ∞

It’s funny , it’s sad , it’s amusing . Sometimes a genuine one or maybe a forced one ? Could be friendly , could be wicked , it’s a smile playing with a background music of crickets .

How a smile can change the world , your’s or theirs is not a very different matter . It is the one thing that’s highly underrated , ignored , and not valued . Sometimes mistaken for a different message , sometimes not ?

It’s really a powerful weapon . Smiling for a moment or a couple of them would really make you forget all the worries , all the mayhem that’s right now going on in your mind , all the thinking and processing stops , just for a moment and we indulge completely  in the time  of this happiness and it’s cause . Isn’t that too simple in order to live in the moment ?

Randomly smile , for your own self , because you’re doing great , because after everything you had the courage to smile , because it brings so much into the picture of life .  I sometimes standing in the traffic , randomly smile at others who i accidentally make a contact with , most of them smile back at me and its really a joyous moment . Spreading happiness and joy doesn’t take much ! At this moment the only thing separating us ( the ones who are smiling ) is the medium between us , nothing else . All the differences , even the fact we might not know each other fades away and we connect. For a moment or two we both just smile at each other like there’s nothing else in the world and there’s nothing to worry about .

I think it’s one of the most beautiful things . The most ever ready pill of happiness and joy . Something that’s full of life and emotions .

Look up in the sky , see , feel , pass , indulge , add , live ! Displaying and spreading ; kindness , love , happiness , serenity , beauty and peace could get so simple wouldn’t be sought of.  Do it quite often ? Everyone could get the fruit !

Write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.

Close your eyes , but open them too . Calm your mind , but use it too . Save your soul , but let it live too !


Nature ? Nature.

We don’t care much , now do we ? Let it all go , let it all flow . But why so unattended ?

How does a day become a good day or a bad one ? Most say it depends on the activity ;  partially yes ! Mostly ? NO.

Everything around us is joy – able ,  is a thing of beauty . The dawn breeze , the chirping of the birds , the haze , the chills , the freshness , the energy ! It all started with the day , i didn’t forcefully include it . Only if one could realize and actually feel the vibes and goosebumps on our body’s , wouldn’t we be more alive ?

This carry’s forward through the day , the smallest of the air and temperature changes , the sounds and noises , the love and harmony , don’t they all sing like a symphony ? The dots all connect ! Through the day , there’s so much to enjoy , so much to embrace , so much to value , but do we ? Yes , I’m still talking about the joy and love given to us by our nature at the mere cost of attention and living in the moment . Only if we could feel !

Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.

Close your eyes , but open them too . Calm your mind , but use it too . Save your soul , but let it live too !