Soul food.

Food fills your gut. Air fills your lungs. Water fills the balloons and makes a splash. That impulse on the face and water dripping all over you. That fresh breath from the tress and tingly yet smooth feeling of grass beneath your feet. That mouth melting food with a million flavours with a sip of water that keeps you up.It’s that.

It’s in all those commutes to the nearest and farthest places. The people who you meet along the way, the scenic beauty, and the wind on your face, the gleaming sun which makes your closed eyes give a vision of red infinite.

That sport you love playing, the musical instrument that makes your feet tap, that song which makes you dance to every beat and the books which give you goose bumps. The food you love making and making your body work after that. The sketches you make that express your emotions. The songs you listen which make you smile ,laugh and look up. That yoga and breathing that makes you feel light and alive. It’s that.

The people you love to the people you just met. The things you just started doing for yourself to the things you still enjoy after years. It’s the beauty of these people and yourself . The enjoyment you crave and get , the smile and laughter with your eyes all teary and stomach clinched.

These things sometimes left, sometimes unattended, sometimes not even started or maybe considered as something not so important. They fill you up! They make you alive! They’re the remedy to almost everything and the solution to every other. They’re the ones which make it all worth! They’re the ones which make you go an extra mile in life. This is what you live for , the beauty and art of it.

When you don’t gas up your car with the oil it needs and wants, it doesn’t start, it doesn’t move, it makes it useless. Soak in , be a sponge , gather and hold all you can , all the good , all the energy and all the life. Soak it in.

Fill yourself, feed your soul the best, make yourself open your eyes a little bigger, breathe a little deeper and smile a little longer. Add life to your living; bring back the life to life!


Write up and Photography Courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


You .


You, yes you. You’re you. Don’t ever forget that. You’re beautiful, you’re amazing, and you’re brave and kind hearted. You’re free and alive.

You’re important to a lot of people, but you’re also utterly important to yourself. You mean the world to yourself and you have the right to put yourself forward as a priority. Do you realise how startling you are as a person? Do you realise how valuable you are? Don’t ever take yourself for granted, don’t ever make yourself feel bad, don’t ever lose confidence and trust for yourself and don’t ever lie to yourself.

Spend time with yourself, have a cup of coffee and short conversations. Travel to your nearest daily routine places with yourself. Look around there’s so much to soak in .Make time to spend time with you and embrace it. Dress up for yourself and stand up for yourself. Love yourself for ever good and bad. Laugh and cry with yourself but also be respectful and loyal to yourself. Work hard and complete your bucket list with time and be happy about each and every step or jump in your life. Wouldn’t it make things much simpler when we have someone to chase, as a person and fortunately; it’s you.

You will begin to explore yourself, probably even know who you are and what do you want and like. This gives you the opportunity to make peace with yourself, arrange your thoughts, forget things for a while and listen to your favourite song and read the novel you’ve always wanted to. You get to know your pros and cons and you will begin to use it in good faith as to improve and grow. Five minutes later of this deep and meaningful conversation with yourself you’ll grow.

We must understand the fine line between being selfish and being self sufficient, between being self obsessed and being a narcissist. It’s okay to give yourself a good company like yours and to put yourself in consideration.

Now, some must argue that we should be very selfless. Indeed. But does being selfless mean to lose you or to stop caring about yourself or being considerate to your dreams, passions and choices. Put in some thought and retrospection as to what you might be doing to yourself.

It’s all in your hand, it always has been and always will be, because it’s about you and how you make or break yourself. Be humble and kind, be calm and at peace, do what you love, feel what you want , be unchained . Do whatever feeds your soul because it’s meant to be unleashed and enjoyed this way. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s free , it’s you!


Write up and Photography Courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.



Ever wondered who you are? No, I did not ask for your name or where you come from or what community you belong to, but whom and what you are? Sounds different? Indeed. But so are you.

I’ve asked the same question to myself a million times and the feeling and chain of thoughts are unexplainable. What am I? Now suddenly I begin to fall in this imaginative world where I’m an entity , a piece of the world but I still don’t know who I am . Then comes the role of the universe; imagining it as we have been taught to but,  with a larger spectrum of things and colours. I still can’t figure out how to explain this weird feeling of questioning yourself as to who you are and where you are.

The simplified and explainable answer is you’re an entity. You’re a human being and you’re an individual. You’re a human being who is way more beautiful than you think you are or you ever will be.

This is individuality. It’s not in the way you look or anything but what kind of an entity you are. You are bound to be distinguished by this and not by anything else in this entire entity spectrum even the ones that are non-materialistic.

This is the reason I don’t appreciate communism at any level because it was not even supposed to be there in the first place. It only divides entity’s which is entirely un-natural.

Isn’t it funny, that we judge clothes on their material , speakers on their sound and water on its purity but people on the basis of where they come from or how they look or any other irrelevant basis.

I really dream of the days when I can begin to live in the universe and not the society. Dream of the days when I’m seen as a human being entity and not a material divided  on the basis of stupid and irrelevant stuff that was not supposed to exist but does because of us in the first place.

You, yes you are an amazing individual. You’re unique, beautiful, creative and what not, that’s your individuality! Be free as anything you can think of and fly as far your horizon is because it’s your in the first and last place, always has been and always be and not by the society’s dogma.

Be you, Be free, Be courageous, Be unique because you’re born that way.

Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!

Photography and Write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.

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The blinded sight. (Part 2)

I’d highly recommend reading The blinded Sight Part 1 for a better flow. You can jump directly to it at


When we like something from within, be it a color, be it a song, be it some smell, be it anything or anyone! Even if we don’t find it attractive, we still love it! It’s everywhere around us, it’s in our dreams, our passions, our creativity and liveliness! Something’s cannot be seen, they are not meant to be seen, but to be partially seen and fully felt.How things are presented physically are not what they really are.Dig a little deeper , even within yourself.

For this extraordinary level of sight, we must open up. Open our eyes, our minds, our lungs and body. Breathe in all you can, gather all you can, replicate, add to the energy. We can see and experience a lot, use your full sized aortic pumps. Life’s so big to feel and embrace, so big to comprehend in one go, so big to feel it all at once, so big to see at one sight! When you really start seeing AND feeling at the same time, your experience comes to a whole new level !

Something’s that can’t be seen exist. Not everything has a label, a description, a word to express, but an expression that is undefined.

This is life, it’s not a chapter,  it’s even bigger than an encyclopedia! Even if things go invisible, you will never lose your sight! Even in darkness, you will never loose your sight, because your sight isn’t what you see. Keep your head high, heart warm and smile at its best.Rest is already at it’s best!

Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!

Photography and write up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


The blinded sight. ( Part 1 )

We see the world through our eyes. Most of our observations, assumptions and interpretations are based on the things we see. Sometimes, when things are dizzy, unclear and confusing we focus our sight and try to reconfirm things we just saw. We open our eyes a little bigger, open up our minds a little bigger and we obtain something that’s a little bigger than the picture. This in my opinion is still incomplete sight. There are two types of things in this world; Real and virtual. Sometimes what we see is not real and what we can’t see is real.When we talk about something that we see, we only refer to the term of sight through eyes, but what about the rest? How does our brain interpret it? How do we think about it? How do we FEEL about it? The term is single; the meaning; a lot deeper.

Ever thought of people who don’t have eyes? Do they really have the inability to not see? Can they really not enjoy life? Are they underprivileged? No. 
Our eyes have one inability and that’s not able to see. Not able to see things that are not physically present, not able to see things that are not there at the moment of time, something that doesn’t fall in the short spectrum of sight. Our eyes are unable to FEEL. They’re unable to feel the love, the kindness, the care the concern. They’re also unable to feel the sadness, anger, envy. This is where the observations, the assumptions and interpretations fail.
Someone can be shy, they can be introverts, and they can be of the hiding kind! What can we infer from them? What about the fruits that are hidden inside the shells, the cocoon that will soon hatch into a butterfly? Our eyes can’t see what’s inside but our heart and gut knows what’s there.

Human beings have a way. They can talk to you, have different interactions. But is sight only limited to humans? When we see a dog , we see the loyalty, the love, the cuteness behind it’s innocent wag of tail and tongue slipping out! When we see a bird flying with open wings around us and singing, we can feel the positivity and happiness it’s trying to convey. When a cold breeze flushes our face with cold warmness, we can feel the energy; we can feel the Goosebumps on our body as a reply to it. 

To be continued..


Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!


Photography and write up courtesy: Prabhsharan Singh.

Unity in diversity.

Just a very short and easy term learned in school. But is it really what they say it is? Is it necessary we are bound to see the margins based on some irrelevant basis?

Humanity and humans. Two terms, quite difficult to differentiate. Yet as basic as it gets. Human is what we are, humanity is what we do, or rather should be doing. I’ve seen and met a lot of people. Not a lot, but yeah, a handful. Each and every one is unique in their own way.

Every person is a like a color. Some may be a different shade of the same color, some maybe a completely different color. It’s really amazing to see that each and everyone is so different and yet connected and united.

Everyone has their own taste, their own thinking, liking, experiences, inferences, sayings, actions and aesthetics. No two minds are the same. We must accept this and see it as a bunch of m&m’s rather than a packet of mentos. Everyone is so beautiful in their own way, and it’s who they are! One should never change what color they are, because that makes it harder for them to stand out in the same shade of the same color pack which wasn’t meant to happen.

Even after immense differences and similarities, we are connected throughout the world by no other means but humanity and love. It knows no language or religion or caste or color or background or origin, it knows human, it knows humanity.

Embrace the colorful world, the people, the flowers, the animals, the sky and your own identity. Be proud of what unique color you are, shine!

Close your eyes , but open them too. Calm your mind , but use it too! Save your soul but let it live too!

Photography andWrite up courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


Energy and vibes. (Part 2)

Mass equals energy. Almost every quantity around us possesses mass and hence consists of energy. When the masses vibrate, they liberate energy. When the masses undergo changes, they vibrate. The natural frequency of vibration of everything around is fixed. Or is it?

When we are happy, we are energetic. When were sad we are dreary and lazy. The way our mind and body feels is how we vibrate. Happy and optimistic people are so powerful, that when they are around they can put a smile on faces who wouldn’t even want to move an inch. This is called vibes as short form of vibrations. The vibes from people and things tell us a lot since it’s the energy that they give out to the universe.  Never be negative. Never think or do wrong. Being optimistic and pessimistic is something of the contrary, so here’s where the biased balancing kicks in.

Not only people, but the whole nature is giving out such energy that cannot be accounted for. Ever noticed that a long nap won’t make you as refreshed as the strong monsoon wind would? The scent of plants, mud, etc. are so rejuvenating that it makes you forget everything and be in the moment.

When our natural frequency matches the frequency of the nature, it resonates. So, it produces maximum power. Hence, connect, match. Look up in the endless sky, it really feels endless and it is. Keep your eyes closed and get lost while the wind gives you Goosebumps and a hard time being able to stand while listening to the sound of music. This exact moment, so hard to catch, but so real to feel.

Be happy, smile. Be kind, do. Know? Guide. Just a little step out and realization would make you feel so much more energetic and powerful and happy, that everything seems to be in place because it is. Fly, as high as you can. Dream as extreme as you can. Be free, be real, be you.

Close your eyes ; but open them too . Calm your mind ; but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too!

Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


Energy and Vibes (Part 1)

Excitement, dullness. Happiness, sadness .Smile, frown. Activeness, laziness. Alive, dead. These are some emotions and portrayal of life which run on small basis of existence. Your existence doesn’t ensure that you’re alive. It’s rather the way you live. The way you feel. The way your body and mind execute actions that make your presence noticeable.

Everything runs on energy. We might not be able to see it, but we can definitely feel it. It runs in our body, in our mind, in the air, in water and in fire. Winds can scrap skyscrapers. Water can erode mountains. Fire can burn forests. We can do whatever we want. It’s all the energy present in and around us.

Energy transfers. It travels. It posses something that is unexplainable. It’s the building block of life. When used, when focused, when funneled and channeled correctly, it can do wonders. It’s also called potential. My peer students will probably know what I’m talking about now.  Energy is something that cannot be put into words or formulas, but can be partially seen and fully felt.

I personally don’t believe in the mythical world and superstition, but in science and logic, energy and vibes.


Gyan Mudra

When we join our hands with our palms facing each other or do the Gyan Mudra in which our thumb and index fingertips touch each other and rest of the fingers form a partial spiral, you can actually feel your mind and body connecting, you can feel the energy flowing in your body, you can feel the spark and some sort of edginess between the tips.




You can focus your energy, you can become so content and fearless and immensely powerful that you suddenly begin to feel that you can shake that building in front of you. You can do wonders. Yes, that’s true; we can do anything we want.

Do you suddenly begin to realize that we can absorb more, contain more and do more. It’s all around us . The little things which make us feel energetic and happy are actually adding energy to us. Isn’t your energy telling you to live more ?

Close your eyes ; but open them too . Calm your mind ; but use it too . Save your soul but let it live too!

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Write up and photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


The sound of music (Part 2 )

I’d highly recommend you to read the previous part so you can get a better flow with the topic .  Here’s where to go : , or just rewind back on my page .

Ever thought about your own voice ? So yes , Sing ! Sing for yourself , sing for the moment , sing like nobody’s watching and everyone’s listening . Sing to enjoy , to remember , to embrace . So every morning when you open your eyes , you bring a smile and joy to your life !

Sometimes we learn , sometimes we understand , sometimes we gain , sometimes we loose . This all can also be funneled through the music of life . Even a dog wags his tail when you sweetly whistle at it . He / She understands the language of music and love and not that chosen by humans . I’d say every being loves to respond to kindness. Even though there might be a barrier between living beings , but one common language and understanding links and connects us all.

Did you ever feel so lost in music that you suddenly begin to hold a hypothetical guitar and play all the strings  like you’re Jon Bon Jovi ? So lost that you somehow start singing even louder than whats playing and you just don’t care how loud ? You better loose yourself in the music , because you own the moment !

Funny how a melody , sounds like a memory , like the Saturday evening  , like the joy and laughter of the other day ! There’s a reason why we have sense’S ! Only if we could really bring in ourselves into the time and enjoy whatever experience life has to offer , wouldn’t we be more alive ?

It’s that moment you really feel alive ! It’s that time you connect to the music of your life , connect to your surroundings , connect to yourself ! Ever tried enjoying by just being alive ? Yes, it really feels ecstatic and too good to be true , but it is ! After all isn’t life a roller coaster ride giving you chills up your spine ?

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.


The sound of music (Part 1 )

Ever been in the dilemma about what sound and music is ? What’s good music and what’s bad music ? Or ever got lost in the thought that what music really is ?Although it’s very straight forward , but do we really recognize and embrace it ?

It’s everywhere . From the morning breeze to the midnight mist . From the chirping of the birds to the fluttering of the leaves . From the sound of morning prayers in diverse languages , all at once to the peace and serenity offered by them . Even silence becomes music to the ears .

Every morning when my mother wakes me up in her sweet voice , to the times when she gets angry and scolds . Every time my family , my friends call me ; i feel the rush , the happiness , the joy ; after all we remember memories which are composed of beautiful sounds .

We can connect and draw out sketches of people as to how they speak , even a still portrait says a million different things . It reflects and affects . I feel that when the most sweetest and calm tone is combined with utter joy ,love and care ; results in the best conversation and connection. Spreading kindness , love and happiness comes at the cost of Rs.0.00/- . Be nice , smile , you never know how good or bad of a day they had , might help them smile ?

It’s also there in the music files that we listen to all day . The other track  that just came out and is popular isn’t going to help you feel the thump , the excitement , the joy , the rush , the energy that flows through your body giving you goosebumps, but it’s rather that old school song that reminds you of stuff , that seems relevant , that single track that makes you so much pumped up , full of joy , laughter , energy and a teardrop rolling through the eyelashes giving you the time of your life .

Close your eyes but open them too ! Calm your mind but use it too ! Save your soul but let it live too !

To be continued …

I will be dividing some write ups in parts because there’s so much to write about and I just can’t get enough of them in one go .

Write up and Photography courtesy : Prabhsharan Singh.